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This page contains content that reveals the practices that uses to collect, store, process, disclose, or share information of visitors or users. By disclosing these practices, shows that it understands the importance of ensuring confidentiality and discretion of its users. Kindly read and understand the content of this Privacy Policy before you use this website.
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Information Collection

Every time you visit, this site collects some information from your activity. This is a standard practice by almost all websites. collects information that is non-personally identifying and personally identifying.

Personally identifying information may include your IP address as the user and comments that you may leave on a blog post that is published on this website. This website collects the commenter’s IP address and it may disclose it under the circumstances that are discussed herein.

The non-personally identifying data that this website may collect includes web browser and servers details of the user. For instance, this website can collect information regarding the browser type that you use, your preferred language, referring site, date, and time when you visit this website. may disclose non-personally identifying data in an aggregate form. This can happen when publishing useful trend reports that can be used to improve site’s performance.

Once you decide to use a service by this website, you will be requested to volunteer some information. Such information includes your email address, name, hotel or residence address, and phone number.

All the information that is collected by this website shall be used during service delivery, internal reports production, and evaluation of the demographics and traffic patterns of the users.

Information Use may use the information collected for various purposes as hinted above. For instance, this information can be used to improve customer service. It can be used to come up with better ways of responding to requests by users as well as providing the requested support in a more efficient manner.

The gathered information can also be used by site managers and administrators in an aggregate form to understand the use of the provided services or resources by visitors. This data can also be used to improve the overall website functionalities including improving the services offered on the site.

This website collects information that plays a very important role of ensuring smooth operations. For instance, the site can use information from its users to run surveys, craft content, run promotions, and other operations. Using this information, site administrators know the topics that attract more visitors.

Additionally, the information that collects can be used to send emails or maintain communication with users. For instance, when you opt-into the mailing list of this website, you will be sent periodic emails. Such emails include news, website’s updates, and services information that may be interesting to you.


Just like most modern sites, uses cookies to track how people use and access it. Cookies are tiny data files that a website places in the computer that a person uses to access it. These files are used for record keeping and tracking purposes. They help in tracking the information of a website’s visitor. However, you can decline cookies in your computer.
Nevertheless, bear in mind the fact that disabling cookies might prevent you from seeing some parts of Essentially, your action is likely to impair some of this site’s functionality.

This website uses cookies to personalize data and content distribution. They also help in determining how effective the offered services are. Cookies are also important in promoting safety, trust, as well as mitigating risk and fraud.

Information Protection

This website has adopted all necessary practices and measures to ensure security of your information. We do everything within our powers to keep the information that we collect, store, and process safe. Be assured that the personal information collected from users is always protected against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, and destruction.

Information Sharing does not rent, sell, or trade personal information of its users or visitors to others. We may share demographic information in its aggregate form with trusted advertisers, business partners, and affiliates for purposes that this Privacy Policy outlines only. Such information doesn’t have a link to any particular visitor or user’s personal identification.

We might also disclose this information to third-party services providers during business operations and when administering business activities. Such activities include sending newsletters and surveys. We may also share the information that we collect with third parties but for limited purposes and only when you allow us.

Children Protection does not collect, process, or store information from individuals that are below the age of 13 years. What’s more, this website does not have a section that is structured or designed to attract such an audience.

Third-Party Websites

You might find advertising or promotional links or content on this site from our partners, suppliers, advertisers, sponsors, and licensors among others. Note that doesn’t have control over this content or links. Therefore, it is not liable for terms, privacy policies, and practices of those sites.


It is the sole discretion of this website to update, change, or modify this Privacy Policy. Users are responsible for taking note of such changes. You acknowledge and agree that your continued access/visit and use of this site and its services is a confirmation that you have read, understood, and accepted the made changes.

Anytime you visit this website, you confirm that you accept this Privacy Policy. Send questions that you may have regarding this Privacy Policy to the administrators of this website.